Regent Style vs Trombone App Recensioni

This is the Game of Our Generation

I was just about to jump off of a bridge, but right before, I remembered I had to update Pokémon Go before I did. While I was in the App Store, I decided to search something quite random before I jumped: "trombone game." This game popped up, and so I decided to play it, and it pulled me out of my spiraling depression. The thirsty trombone, the rainbow hair, the lack of instructions, the random point system, the insane graphics, that drop of water; it was all so beautiful. I knew that I could not jump to a watery grave if such joy existed in the world. UPDATE: I've been playing this game for the 9 years, 3 hours, 5 minutes. I've gained 420 pounds, and am addicted to not only this game, but cocaine, heroin, and the apps Curio Quest and Pancake. I have been sent into a spiraling depression once again, due to the glitch that happens after you reach the score 9,354,209,111,738: it will not let you shoot your hair at the trombone anymore, and you have to cry as you watch the trombone take the water droplet from you.It's too much to bare. I cannot live my life with this glitch. Here I stand, once again at the ledge of this. bridge, in Tallahassee, Florida, ready to jump. Goodbye, Regent vs. Trombone. . .

I wept playing this.

Trombone is so so thirsty.

A Masterpiece

There comes a time in every person's life when they find that one thing they've been missing, the final piece to their puzzle. This is that piece. Though, yes, it may be simple, the premise for this game strikes deeper than simply "trombone wants water, use your hair to stop." Regent Style vs Trombone is more than that. It brings out our deepest insecurities, it shows us what we, as human beings, are meant to do: yes, those who have not seen the true light of this game may believe it's just about trombones, but they are blind! Regent Style vs Trombone is a startling look into the nature of humanity itself! also the trombone is a metaphor for the devil

The Greatest iPhone app Ever

Nothing else comes close to the majesty and wonder instilled by this simple but evocative game. An epic struggle of Regent vs Trombone!


This is the stupidest game I have ever seen. Where would anybody even come up with an idea this stupid. Good reviews are obviously fake because this is the worst app I have ever downloaded. Deleted.

Pure excellence

This is the best game on the app store, in my opinion.

Bizarre but good

I like the Peter Max-ish look to it. Sound effects are great, and it's just a funny concept, esp. as I play the trombone.

This game is so cool

lol I like this game it's so weird. It reminds me of warioware.. I think that's why I like it. Anyways I would have given it 5 stars but I think it needs an online scoreboard! That's the only thing it's missing.

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